Buy Instagram will allow to like comments

Instagram will give all its users the tools to improve comments, through a heart button and the option to close comments. In another attempt to bring the party in peace, Instagram continues to make changes to its platform.

The social network announced changes to the way in which users can comment and receive feedback from the author of the content based on their comments.

When a user likes a comment in one of his posts, he will see the icon of a heart next to the comment, and by marking it he will let the author know that the comment was to his liking. “Since the beginning of buy comments on instagram, our goal was to create a comfortable space for everyone,” says Kevin Systrom, founder of the social network in the statement.

To continue improving the interaction, Instagram not only added a button to reward good behaviors, but also to punish negatives. In the same update to come, users with a private account can delete previously approved followers, something that previously could not be done.

Before, users with a private account reviewed each friend request individually. However, when approving an account, there was no way to delete it without having to block that account. The new change will allow you to choose the account to delete and remove it from the allowed list; The removed account will not receive notification of this.

In addition, users can block comments on any of their posts. This will prevent users from commenting on the post. Comments are blocked individually for each photo or video, and does not apply to all.

Instagram also announced that users will be able to collaborate in suicide prevention. When a user detects that a publication is a call for help from a person in need, the publication can be reported and an active Instagram team all day, seven days a week, will analyze the situation to offer help to the user.

Instagram says that these features will reach all its users in the coming weeks. Some of these developments, mainly related to comments, were already possible for some accounts – especially those of celebrities because of the volume of comments they receive.

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